Extreme Fit 180 Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work?


Extreme Fit 180 ReviewsExtreme Fit 180 reviews

The extreme fit 180 is a fat burning supplement designed to help lose fat in a natural way. Like many other fat burning supplements it is designed to help reduce hunger, and reduce binge eating that many people struggling with weight loss may face. Like many other weight loss supplements, it is not very effective.

Company Behind Extreme Fit 180

The extreme fit 180 is available through a variety of means, including their own website, as well as amazon.com, Vitamin World, and several other large scale retailers.

Extreme Fit 180 Claims

  • Reduce hunger, and help reduce possibility of binge eating.
  • All natural ingredients, completely derived from plants, and not made in a petri dish.
  • No side effects, including nausea, headaches, and restlessness.

Extreme Fit 180 Ingredients

The extreme fit 180 works by using a Garcina Cambogia extract, which is a plant. Additionally, it uses hyrodxycitric acid. Hydroxycityric acid is designed to interact with the brain, not the body to reduce hunger. Both of these are natural ingredients, which is one of the most important selling points of the extreme fit 180, however this is not the only all natural supplementary diet product.

How does Extreme Fit 180 Work?

The hydroxycitric acid is supposed to interact with an individuals brain rather than their body like many other dietary supplements do. It is designed to interact with serotonin in the brain, and reduce any binge eating, stress eating, and even reduce hunger pains. The extreme fit 180 is not the only product that interacts heavily with the brain however.

Extreme Fit 180 Pros

  • The extreme fit 180 is likely to reduce hunger, which may help lose weight for those who use it while also eating proper foods.
  • The product does come from primarily all natural ingredients, which is desirable from a dietary supplement.

Extreme Fit 180 Cons

  • The extreme fit 180 shows no evidence to be more effective than other dietary supplements.
  • Even though the manufacturer claims that there are no adverse side effects to taking the product, there are numerous reports of potential negative side effects.
  • The product is fairly expensive compared to other dietary supplements that can achieve the same results.
  • The product has not been proven to be more effective than any of its leading competitors.

Extreme Fit 180 Results

The results do show a limited amount of weight loss, however not at the rate that one would expect from the cost of the product.

Where to buy Extreme Fit 180?

Official website.

Is Extreme Fit 180 a scam?

This has led some people to be concerned that it may be a scam. While calling it a scam may be overly harsh, the product does not deliver in the way that it claims to. Depending on your definition, it may be a scam.

Extreme Fit 180 Side effects

Additionally while they claim that there are no known side effects, there have been several claims online about potential side effects of taking the drug. Additionally a product claiming no side effects is likely to have not gone through effective testing to measure effects.

Final Verdict

While the extreme fit 180 may help lose weight, it generally is overpriced for the results, and can be outperformed by competitors. As such, I would recommend searching elsewhere for an effective dietary supplement.

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